Challenge 10

1) 14

2) two were my own inteest and the rest were school related

3) i have had two comments

4) when we had to say who we wanted to meet and why got the most and i think it is because of the fact that it was the most interesting.

5) I think it would have to be when i had to wrie about the sunset because i love how they look.

6) no because i dont feel the need to.

7) i have 9 and i think that it is just enough and i have the amount that i need and i am happy with it.

8) i have five


1) This blog seems like they have taken a lot of time and thought into making it

2) The titles and some pictures

3) There is a lot of random things everywhere

4) Make it a little more interesting by the backround

I intervie\wed my mom. i asked her the question and she gave me and answer and i typed it.

challenge 6 part 2

1) we should be able to play angry birds because is is strenthing our finger muscles and it alows us to seee what might h appen if we were to do that in real life

2) i think we should also be able to play draw something because it makes our drawing skills stronger!\

3) I also think we should be able to play words with friends because it makes us think about the hardest words that will win u more points.

4) We should deffinetly be able to use all texting apps because we need to text other students to keep in contact and not disrupt the class.

5)The game subway surf should be able to be played so we can learn that running from police is a bad thing and you  could get hurt!

6) we should also be able to play farmville in case we want to be a farmer when we get older!

7) temple run so that we can learn to be sneeky

8) we should be able to have free internet aaccess incase we need to look something up like a word on

9) traffic rush so we dont get into an accident when we take our drivers edd class

10) finally we should be able to play music because sometimes people leran and think better when they are listening to music

Challenge 9

Challenge Nine: A Game!!!

The first blog I visited was Reid’s Blog and on it I viewed and commented on a post about how it was in a dark place.

The second blog i visited was Bailey’s blog and on it i vewed and commented on a post. she posted a poem and it was very well written!!:)

Finally the third blog i visited was Cole’s Blog and on he had posted a video of an opera. It was a good opera and stuff but i didnt paticulary like it in this case.

An About Me Page

Well honestly i have no idea what to say.=)

Alright my name is Chloe Elizebeth Willborn.

I am thirteen years old.

My birthday is March 15 of 2000.

I have four brothers and one sister.

My parents are seperated and both re married.

My favorite color is lime green and hot pink.

My favorite food is toccos

And finally i have four amazing cousins.


Challenge 6

I do not change over the internet. Someone who knows me in person would reconize me on my blog. I am a fun energetic person…I will admit i have my moments but dont we all? I am a fun loving perosn that cares deeply about her friends and family. i Am a person who dosnt always get along with people but i try. I am not different in online than i am in person

All About My Family Challenge 5

i have two house hold and in my moms house i have six people  and at dads i have four. I will list each person  and tell you a little about them.

1) Mom- He is nice funny and always provides support for me. She is one of the most important people in my life and i dont know what my life would be like without her. She is there when im down she is always on my side and i love her.

2) Dad- what can say i am a daddys girl. He is also one of the most important people in my life. I go to his house every other weekend and when im there it couldnt be any better. we watch movies and have a blast. I love him.

3) Step mom- we didnt quite get along when i first met her but i am closer than ever with her. she makes my dad happy and seeing them together is a joy. She has been in my life for a long time now and every moment i get to see her is awesome. she works at a hospital and help many people. She is an awesome person and her personality is incredible.

4) my four brothers- Each one has a personality of their own. I have two twins and they are 19. They are nice. we obviously fight but when i get to see them it is nice. I dont get to see them often and it is hard. My other brother is 16 ad i dont ever really see hime. He lives with my dad but goes up north alot and there for i barely see him. Then there is my 4 year old brother Finn and he is 4. He definetly has a personality of his own. He is fun and outgoing. I love all my brothers to death!!!!!!

Step dad- We dont really get along and he dosnt get along with one of my brothers. He makes my mom happy so it makes me happy. he has also ben in my life for a long time!!….We are greatful him and my mom are together

Thats a little about my family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 ways to use a sock

1) You could create a larger whole to make a sock bun.

2) you could put butter away from the whole and make it a weapon.

3) You can make a mask out of it and have an imaganation of your own from there.

4) you could make a stylish braclet.

5) you could make it so that the sock could take off your makeup.

6) you could use it to make a computer mouse cover.

7) you could make it and eracer on a dry erace board

8) Pouch told hold all sorts of stuff

9) you could use it to grow plants and put soil in it after you patch the hole

10) finally you could use it as a decoration after you have used you imaginatin and made it your own

Typing about Anything!!!!!!!:)

i am choosing to talk about my brother!……He is now four years old….he was born in India. He was sick shortly after because of the change. He was in there for about a month. It wasnt good. We Were scared that he wasnt going to make it. His right lung callapsed. He also had trouble  brething and had stopped for a little while. He had a cough and it was really bad.  My parents stayed at the hospital with him and i stayed at my house with my grandma. I only got to see my mom finn and ryan on the weekend or when they cam home for a day, but one of them always had to stay at the hospital. After about a month and some odd days he got to come home. He had to be on a breathing monotor. A few times it had raped around his neck. Also because of his lung callapsing he had to have brething treatments that we actually had to give him. He is now four and doing alot better we dont have to give him brething treatments and he is as healthy as he will ever be!……Although he always brethes really loud nothing damaged his brain or anyhting!

Blogging challenge one: ten people I would like to meet!!!!!!!!!

10. Rhianna

How old were you when u started to become a singer?

9. Miley Cirus

Why do u do bad things when a lot of kids want to be you or that inspire them?

8. Demi Lavado

Do yo wish they had made more camp rock 2 the final jam movies?

7. Justin Biber

Why do you make out with most your fans?

6. Taylor Swift

Are you happy you started singing at a young age

5. Aroan  Rodgers

Who inspired yout to start playing footbal

4. macklemore

When singing thrift shop is that your favorite song that you have ever made?

3. Misty Franklin

Is it hard to train for the olympics?

2. Brandon Marshel

Do you think that football is a hard sport?

1. Elbet Enstein

Do you love that you are so smart?